Arts Council allocates $10,000 to boost black artists

This is not a time for silence. The Board of Directors of The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana condemns racism and believes that Black Lives Matter.To this end, we are designating $10,000 a year from the Community Art Fund to underwrite increased

Arts Council sets reopen date, announces summer programming changes

The Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana will reopen the Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery on June 16, following state guidelines for cultural and entertainment venues. There are several changes to the Arts Council’s summer programming, including the annual Arts Awards celebration, “On the Roof”

Andrea Adams: Thisday and Thatday

I’ve seen the memes about the days of the week being irrelevant during the stay at home order, and that only Thisday and Thatday exist now. At first, I resisted the idea of complete anarchy of time. I tried to make sure my socks

Anne McKim: Sheltered in Place. Day 32.

First: I miss you.  We walk for an hour every day. “Taking a walk” is different: it’s a casual, unthinking thing that describes weekend morning trips to the coffee shop and evening strolls. Walking, now – for our quarantined family – is a necessity. I

Andrea Adams: The art of curating a family

Last week, I opened up about finding moments of creation in small daily acts of art, and it got me thinking about how I view the curation and hanging of exhibits as making my own larger art piece out of many. Arranging