Don’t leave this new exhibit on “RED”

S. Leann Watson

Artists featured in this exciting new Arts Council exhibit were given one parameter — the only color they could use was red.

The result was “RED,” a striking new style of exhibit in Downtown Evansville. Thirty-seven artists created the 47 entries you can see below or in-person at the Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery.

This juried exhibit is available to view in-person until March 2. The next exhibits in the gallery include “Young at Art,” “Caliber,” and “Literally.”

If you are interested in purchasing the pieces below, or have any questions, please contact Gallery Director Andrea Adams ([email protected])

Award winners for “RED”

  • 1st: “Back and Forth,” (mixed media) by Jesse Ross. Available for purchase at $375
  • 2nd: “Mystery of it All,” (porcelain) by Cathy Cozart. Not for sale.
  • 3rd: “Red Barn Door,” (acrylic on canvas) S. Leann Watson. Offers accepted by artist.

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