Kyle Darnell – Drive By Gallery

Don’t miss out on art just because galleries aren’t open! Drive or walk by the Arts Council’s window gallery at 212 Main Street and get your fix of local fine art. The current exhibit in the windows is “The Lino Art of Kyle Darnell.”

About Kyle Darnell:

Kyle is a print artist that currently resides in Evansville, IN by way of California, Missouri, Tennessee, and Illinois. Kyle’s work focuses on his individual pursuit of spirituality and the importance of self in regard to the grand cosmic perspective. Fresh off of his latest series of work, “Godself.” Kyle continues hard at work combining printmaking, ceramics, and fibers into his new series, “Versus the Multiverse” which includes a novel detailing the adventures of our hero “Kyle” and his inter-dimensional experiences. He currently teaches at the University of Evansville and Signature School.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces in the online gallery, please contact Andrea Adams at [email protected].

Here’s a video of Kyle explaining how to make lino prints: