Remember those moments in your life where art inspired you, touched your emotions and produced in you a feeling of passion or power? It may have even brought out your own talent. If so, you know that art takes time. It is made up of an instant of inspiration, a second of emotion, a flash of passion, minute of power, hours of hard work and a lifetime of talent that needs nurturing and hard work that needs supporting. As a non-profit, member-supported arts organization, the Arts Council depends on generous sponsorship of individuals and corporations in our community. Your support of our programming ensures high quality and enjoyable experiences. We promote local visual, literary and performing artists in our community and give them the best exposure possible. Arts and Non-profit Organization Membership: The Arts Council’s goal is for 100% of the arts organizations and art supporting non-profits in the tri-state area to be members of the Council, believing that our cause for creativity is stronger as participation grows.  Your membership supports programs and services that help maintain the arts as a vital part of our community. Some of these programs include:  grant support, creative cross – collaboration, relationship building, publicity for the arts on, events promotion on social media and our bi-monthly Arts E Newsletter, public art projects, and support for arts education. Show that your organization is a participating member in the growth of the tri-state arts scene by joining our membership. Membership Benefits: Cultural Organization Your organization logo featured on our list of participating member’s page of the website Your organization’s logo will link to your organization profile on, with your contact information, web site, biography, events, and photo gallery Member organizations are looked to first when generating content for spotlight articles in our newsletter, Facebook and website. Your organization’s promotional materials displayed for the public in our gallery. A reduced rate for use of the beautiful Bower-Suhrheinrich Foundation Gallery for meetings, social gatherings, fundraisers, receptions.      

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