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General Art Institute Fund Granting Notes

  • Active engagement of students is generally preferred to passive engagement. (Student participation rather than observation)
  • Number of students impacted, and cost per student (grant request divided by number of participants) will be given greatest consideration.
  • In general, funds are not awarded for transportation, food, or t-shirts.
  • New programming will be preferred to underwriting existing programming.  We wish to increase student opportunities, rather than solely reinforce existing programs.
  • Grant funds should be seen as seed or catalyst money not for underwriting of existing programs or for full program funding.
  • In an effort to increase community involvement, the Arts Council wishes to be an underwriter among many rather than a sole underwriter.
  • Funds may be awarded only to organizations with a 501(c)(3) status.

Sponsorship of the Arts Grant Information

  • Grants reviewed once a year, in the fall. Applications due Nov. 4.
  • Grant funds available to Vanderburgh county schools and not-for-profits.
  • Intended as partial underwriting for a new or existing (preferably new) programming for PreK-12 students (not full funding).
  • Passive Engagement (e.g. making reduced price tickets available to students free of charge) should be coupled with student feedback, supplementary course material, etc.
  • Grants evaluated on quality of programming, number of students impacted, and degree of active/passive engagement of students.
  • Grants generally limited to $5,000 maximum.
  • Limited to projects focused on providing arts related educational opportunities for students PreK-12 in Vanderburgh Co., Indiana

Contact the Arts Council at (812) 422-2111 or [email protected] with any questions.