Jean Therapy: Protecting our Waters

Jean Therapy:
Protecting Our Waters
Textile art by Dawn Murtaugh

Open from August 12th – September 11th, during regular gallery hours.

Local fiber artist Dawn Murtaugh was one of three Region 10 artists to be selected to join the On-Ramp 2019 cohort last year. To help fulfill her grant requirements, the Arts Council is hosting her work in the gallery. 

“Dawn Murtaugh’s art comes through the historical reference of traditional quilting. From practical bed quilts to Victorian crazy quilts, recycled fabrics and embellishments have been given new life and beauty beyond utilitarian purposes. 

Combining learned sewing skills from her mother, drawing and painting from her father with a formal art education, as well as experiences in a wide variety of media, she brings them all together in her current textile art work. 

Beyond the visual experience of her art, Murtaugh’s mission of an art activist is to raise awareness of textiles’ impact on our fragile ecosystem.”

Per the artist’s wishes, all sales proceeds will go to the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana. If you are interested in purchasing any of the work in this exhibit, please contact Andrea Adams at [email protected]