Monsters on Main

Join us for our scariest exhibit of the year — Monsters on Main. The exhibit features nearly 60 monster-inspired entries, including 3D and 2D pieces, from 44 regional artists. The “scary scale” goes from horrific to spookily cute.

The exhibit runs Oct. 22 – Nov. 1, with a free public reception 5:30-7:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 26 featuring a cash bar and complimentary hor d’oeuvres.

Featuring art by:

Randall  Chapman & Loren Harrison – The Widow
Randall  Chapman & Loren Harrison – The Widow’s Ghost
Ursula Curiosa – The Monster Bulimia
Ursula Curiosa – Putrefaction (Stained Glass)
Kyle Darnell – Azathoth
Kyle Darnell – Monster series prints
Matthew C. Fitzpatrick – Fractured Skulls
Elizabeth Gaddis – The Mummy
Elizabeth Gaddis – Frankenstein
Elizabeth Gaddis – Pennywise
Don Glinis – Kong Electric
Mary Kay Glinis – Dark Marks
Donna Hendricks – I’ll Get You!
John Hendricks – Out of Darkness
Jyra Hendrix – MO
Shane Hickrod & Adam Patton – Man Eating Flower
Jonathan Hittner – Untitled
Jonathan Hittner – Skull 7
Courtney Hostetler – Ice Jackalope
Courtney Hostetler – Albino Jackalope
Cody Hostetler – Vodun
Todd Elkshow Huber – The Opportunist
Todd Elkshow Huber – Imbalanced Power Relationships
Patti Kiegel – A.H.E.A.D. (Albated Head of an Alien Detainee)
Heather Landry – Wendigo
Heather Landry – Kelpie
Nancy Lockyear – Garden of Spare Body Parts
Gene Lyons – For Earth Below
Shar Mahoney – Unleashed
Beata Marczak – Family Portrait
Nick McCreary – The Fiend: Let Him In
Josh McIntosh – Unspoken Words
Ryan McKain – Dining Room Set
Rob Millard-Mendez – Ryan Zinke is an Ouro Bouros
Andrew Miller – Vacation Time
Andrew Miller – Boy in Blue Monster
Stephanie Osborne – Ceaseless Watcher
Stephanie Osborne – Desolation
Jackie Pandit – Electro Mega Monster
Michael Pittman – Peace
Vanessa Powell – While You Sleep, I’ll be Watching
Cristine Pyle – Mother Nature
Megan Rademacher – Audrey
ShaeBreann Richardson – Insatiable
Rachel Schaefer – Misunderstood (Lilith and Medusa)
Brittani Scheller – Ozymandias
Brittani Scheller – Devourer
Andy Shoemaker – Night of the Dead
Megan Smith – Giant Munchie Monster
Jacob M. Steffenhagen – Beware the Eyes of Mars
Rebecca Thomas – Bottled Up
Kristin Truelove – The Dark
Wendy Turner – Bulette
Wendy Turner – Beholder
Adam Wagner – Fear of the Known
Chris Wilke – Mothman
Eric Young – Dwight