Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Our work benefits all people in our community, whether you’re …

  • a local artist in the creative community
  • an art enthusiast visiting our exhibits, attending a concert, or participating in a program
  • an art buyer purchasing art from an exhibit, in-person or online
  • a visitor or tourist seeking local arts and cultural experiences in downtown Evansville
  • a student artist from preschool through high school
  • an aspiring artist just getting started at any phase of life
  • an artist member seeking support and guidance for business ownership or selling your work
  • an arts advocate searching for an organization focused on bringing arts and cultural programming to all people in the community, including underrepresented and underserved groups
  • a political or business leader who recognizes and values the importance of an active and sustainable arts partner in achieving quality of life and economic development goals for a community
  • a business leader or corporation investing in arts and cultural programming and seeking to expand access to such programming for all people
  • an individual or organization seeking guidance or resources for creating or implementing arts programming

Why It Matters

Our work is essential.

Arts and culture should be welcoming and accessible for all people regardless of economic, social, racial, or personal identities and experiences. The arts offer creative inspiration, beauty, and connection in a way that few other disciplines can.

Supporting the Arts Council is impactful in building community, and provides access to the social and emotional benefits generated by connecting through arts and culture. Our work reaches visitors to Main Street in downtown Evansville, it reaches neighborhoods like Haynie’s Corner, Lincolnshire and beyond, and our work supports other regional arts and cultural partners throughout Southwestern Indiana.

Our community is better because of the good work we are doing in the Gallery, on the Art Deck, and beyond the walls of 212 Main Street, but our community needs more.

Funding for arts and cultural programming is vital to the vibrancy and growth of the Greater Evansville area. We need your support to extend our reach and expand our programs for the betterment of our community.