Message from Executive Director, Anne McKim

January can be a challenging month: too long, yet somehow always flying by, too cold and grey, but not enough snow for this Michigan girl-at-heart, too many items on my beginning of the year checklist. The first half of the month is foggy with a post-holiday-emotional hangover, and the second is a race to complete the tasks I ambitiously assigned myself back in the heady days of December. 

January’s redemption, however, comes in the possibilities that each new year brings when you work in public arts. 

We’ve built out a challenging and interesting gallery calendar, set dates for the “On the Roof” series, and have begun booking bands; emails are swirling – fast and furious – with collaborators for films, performances, and readings. There are calls for public art, calls for artists for community events, and venues secured for celebrations. Our programming season may not kick off until February, but here, even the anticipation is a joy. 

The arts make life interesting, give context to the passage of time and our place in the world, and bring people and communities together. There is possibility, so much possibility, for beauty and excitement and connection in 2024 at the Arts Council, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

Before I sign off, here are two items to have on your radar: first, in huge news, the Arts Council is launching our “Month for the Arts” fundraising and awareness campaign in February. Stay tuned for more information, because there’s a role for everyone in ensuring the campaign’s success. Second, Rats Live On No Evil Star, our first exhibit, opens on Thursday, February 1st with a reception on February 3rd from 5:30 to 7 pm. I hope you’ll join us! 

Stay warm, stay tuned, stay creative, and here’s to 2024!


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